Another Obama-like tyranny in the making: After sleeping her way into power, Kamala Harris now wants to take away your “assault” weapons

Appearing at a CNN– sponsored town hall event in Iowa on Monday, 2020 Democratic presidential contender Sen. Kamala Harris of California used the occasion, in part, to do what members of her party do quite often in public forums: Use virtue signaling to attack the Second Amendment. 

In responding to questions about what she would do, as president, to end gun violence, Harris picked on a favorite target: “Assault” weapons, which she declared there is “no reason” for any American to own because they don’t belong in a “civil society.”

“We have got to have smart gun safety laws in this country, and we’ve got to stop buying this false choice. You can be in favor of the Second Amendment and also understand that there is no reason in a civil society that we have assault weapons around communities that can kill babies and police officers,” Harris said.

Subsequently, she was asked by a pastor what she would do as president to take on gun violence. 

“As you know, the rates of gun violence in America are astronomically higher than in other Western democracies. What do you think can be done, and what would you be prepared to do to address the problem of gun violence?” the pastor asked.

Enter standard fall-back talking point here.

“Something like universal background checks. It makes perfect sense that you might want to [know if] someone can buy a weapon that can kill another human being, you might want to know have they been convicted of a felony where they committed violence,” Harris responded.

As The National Sentinel reported:

‘Universal background checks,’ as Harris and other Democrats view them, would also include conducting them for private sales between neighbors and friends. But as we have pointed out, requiring background checks for private sales wouldn’t work without a ‘universal gun registration’ requirement; the government will first have to know which citizens own guns and what kind of guns they own so they can track sales. And tracking sales is the point of requiring background checks on retail purchases.

Harris, who — it was recently revealed — got her start in big league politics in California by sleeping with the main power broker, Willie Brown, wasn’t done. 

Crime victims who cannot defend themselves make gruesome victims too, Sen. Harris

To support her position she invoked the January 2011 shooting of former Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords of Arizona — who was shot and nearly killed by Jared Loughner, who used a handgun. Oddly, she didn’t mention the near-assassination of Rep. Steve Scalise in the summer of 2017, who was shot with an ‘assault’ rifle…wielded by a crazed Left-wing lunatic Bernie Sanders supporter. 

Harris then brought up the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, suggesting at one point that lawmakers should have been forced into a room, sans reporters, and required to look at autopsy photos of the children and staffers who were shot and killed, “then…vote your conscience.” (Related: 2020 Dem candidate Kamala Harris says ‘assault weapons’ don’t belong in ‘civil society’ — but infanticide is okay?)

“This has become a political issue, and there is no reason why we cannot have reasonable gun safety laws in this country,” she said. “Here’s the reality of it also: We’re not waiting for a good idea. We have the good ideas: an assault weapons ban, background checks.” 

It’s always the same with Democrats. There are never enough “reasonable” gun laws. And never mind that most mass murderers use weapons that were legally bought after they got a background check.

Which brings us full-circle back to what Democrats really want: Gun bans. Only, the Constitution’s Second Amendment prohibits that. 

As for Harris’ gruesome suggestion, we have one for her: How about putting lawmakers in a room where they have to view autopsy pictures of Americans and their children murdered by any number of means because the cities in which they live severely restrict their right to keep and bear arms — then tell them to “vote their conscience”?

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